Augment the existing data protection you have

The enforcement has begun in some countries regarding data protection for everyone. Data protection, as observed, became common in other states and countries as well. Individual rights is at the forefront of this data protection law. Personal information and how it is dealt with by companies can be monitored by the people who provided them. Furthermore, people can take back whatever data was asked by companies if they are not amenable with what is done to it. A possible solution to that, is Truyo, which can provide automation and scale for your company to comply with the regulation.

Everybody is under the gdpr. Security practices, breach notification, and privacy by design are under this privacy regulation. If you want to make the enforcement of individual rights efficiently and automatically, you can do so with Truyo. If a person wants to have control and knowledge about the data collected from them, Truyo can easily do that. A lot of companies struggle with this aspect. If they fail in this regard, people will file for complaints and the company can be fined. Companies have to respect the individual rights of their clients.

A client is now given the right to monitor a company’s collection of their personal data, as the data protection law stipulates. The law covers a wide range of data type like website visited, demographic information, and shopping history. Multiple back-end systems keep these data in most companies. Companies are given less than two months to have an understandable format of the data requested by the client. Deleting, providing an exportable format, and modifying requests should be met by the company.

If an information can single out the person, then it is a personal data. Information like computer IP address, medical information, credit card information, social media activity, are examples of personal data. Regardless if the data is public, work related, or public, the regulation also covers those. To check if a request for data is valid, Truyo will ask for verification through SMS or email, so that appropriate response is done. Any client or employee’s request can further be verified through a third party verification by Truyo. Whether for security standards or enterprise requirements, this solution is modifiable.

The solution is also applicable for those utilizing some cloud instance in their companies. The solution can keep track of any request, task fulfilled, and task assignments in the system. If you ask for a report on those actions, the solution can provide a graphical report that can easily be understood.

In compliance with CCPA, this system honors data like social security numbers, mailing addresses, names, and medical information. This site can provide more answers about this solution as well as your questions. This day can be the beginning of your partnership with this solution.