The Importance of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Since states are beginning to legalize the use of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, why is there still a need for medical marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana cards? If you can simply walk into a recreational marijuana dispensary, present your ID and purchase cannabis, why need a medical cannabis card? Is it still worth going through all the hassle of visiting a doctor to get a medical marijuana card?

If you are a medical marijuana cardholder then there are several benefits that it can give you. Here are some of the benefits of having a medical marijuana card.

You benefit from lower cost of cannabis products in medical dispensaries if you are medial marijuana cardholder. The reality is the insurance does not cover cannabis medication and so you benefit a lot from having lower costs for your cannabis needs. If patients only had access to recreational dispensaries, then your cannabis will be highly taxed and thus will be very expensive so it is a good thing to have a medical marijuana card to avail of products sold at lower costs.

There are tax exemptions on medical marijuana dispensaries that are not afforded to recreational marijuana users.

It si important to get the right dosage of medical marijuana is you are a patient needing it. Symptoms can be alleviated with high strength cannabis products. Having a medical marijuana card can give you access to high strength cannabis products which you cannot get from a recreational dispensary.

Potency limits vary from state to state. Somestaten restrict recreational edibles to a few mg per serving but others have a higher limit for medical patients. There are states with no medical dispensaries and so patients are left to buying from recreational dispensaries which puts a limit on the potency of products that they buy.

if you are over 21, then you can buy recreational cannabis from recreational dispensaries. The problem is with children who are cannabis patients. But children having medical marijuana card can avail of cannabis products to treat their condition like cancer, epilepsy or other ailments. For states that have medical cannabis programs, minors are allowed access to medical cannabis with the help of a caregiver. Every state has its own allowable forms of cannabis for minors and they also control the potency limits.

There are many states that also allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own medicine. If you are planting marijuana for medical uses then you can plant more than what recreational users are allowed to plant. You can plant 4 plants for recreational use but some states allow up to 6 plants for medical use. Planting marijuana is good for patients who need it for their wellbeing so that they don’t have to spend in buying in dispensaries.

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